The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, CA

The Lace Museum and Guild is located in beautiful Sunnyvale, California. Established in 1976, this museum is one of only two lace museums in America. It helps to preserve the history and the art of making lace. The museum hosts events and features special happenings as well as a quarterly exhibit change. Holiday celebrations and special events bring in crowds, as well as the attractive no general admission fee. Group tours are available for a small donation. Church groups, senior citizen groups, school groups, and other special interest groups love to visit and learn about the rich history of one of the world’s oldest and most popular materials.

The museum boasts an emailing list that has information for subscribers about sales and general museum information and updates. The museum’s missions are to preserve lace and the art of lace making as well as to exhibit lace and its historical use and to offer instruction to the public in all aspects of lace making. The exhibits feature not only fabrics, though there are plenty of different and intricate patterns to examine throughout the building. Tools, looms, example patterns, illustrations, audio, and books are found here as well. Though they do have gift shop in the museum, the Lace Museum and Guild is a non-profit organization that thrives off the donations of local supporters and the revenue from its shop and classes.

In addition to the money coming in from its various streams, the Lace Museum and Guild offers supporters a rare and unique opportunity to sponsor an antique and historically esteemed piece of lace for up to three whole years. The supporter receives recognition for his or her donation at the various functions that piece may attend as well as the peace of mind of know that their donation preserved a slice of fabric history. The museum is fortunate to have passionate and dedicated volunteers who ensure the effectiveness and productivity of the museum. Without volunteers and donations from the public, the Lace Museum and Guild would not be able to maintain. Luckily, since 1976, people have been contributing their knowledge, funds, and time to the preservation and historical significance of lace and lace making.

The Lace Museum and Guild offer workshops to applicants who have an interest in perfecting their lacing technique, or perhaps just trying to lace for the first time. There are workshops intermittently throughout the year, and candidates should mail in with their application and their small workshop fee to reserve their spot in the classes. Lectures at colleges, schools, and educational functions help to ensure that today’s society has an interest and understanding in the finer points of the history and development of lace.

In conclusion, the Lace Museum and Guild is a wonderful slice of history that still exists today. It serves of a reminder of a time when people took a great deal of pride in their crafts, and that same pride is evident in the smiles of the friendly and passionate volunteers and educators who lend their time, energy, and resources to the preservation and betterment of this museum.

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